Rashmeet Kaur (Gazal)

Hey Creative Peeps

Rashmeet (or Gazal) is a nerdy engineer who started her career as a Developer but her passion for art, illustration, photography,
turned her into an Artist,
which she has cultivated as a self-taught
and transformed it into a creative gallery.

My Vision

Glazy Brush is a full service creative gallery whose main aim is to transform things into thoughtful ideas.

It's is all about combining my passions into a sketchy world to show the world the reality in a different and creative way to inspire, amaze and excite others.

Glory Moments
  1. Interview published by ArtistCloseUp, Italy (blog by Banditto Art Exhibition) Click here
  2. Featured my artwork on Discord blog Click here
  3. Member of Design Buddies Community Click here
  4. Got Awarded by Logitech and Camel Colors